HIP V. HYPE provides advice that is commercially grounded, yet ambitious. We pursue exceptional outcomes that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable and enable action across government, institutions and organisations.

We seek to partner with those who are willing to think strategically to achieve better.

We lead, collaborate and support others to deliver impact and build Better Cities and Regions, Better Buildings, and Better Businesses.

Better Cities & Regions

Governments, institutions, businesses and organisations can make a deliberate decision to do better. However, taking action often requires critical advice. We create long term change by supporting effective action on climate change, including a transition to zero carbon and a circular economy and creating climate resilient precincts and communities. 

Our combination of skills, experience, and design-led approach enables us to provide advice across sustainable urban renewal, climate change strategies and plans, sustainable policy and planning and sustainable living programs. With access to Sustainability Integrators and our Projects team, we are uniquely placed to help our clients and partners deliver on their ambition. 

We work with clients to develop contextually responsive and highly integrated sustainability approaches for urban renewal projects. 

Our work is able to be delivered as a standalone project or integrated with urban design or strategic planning projects. 

Urban renewal offers significant and unique potential to deliver world class examples of sustainable urban practice. A deep understanding of the planning and development context of urban renewal sites are critical to developing a site specific approach to sustainable urban renewal which builds on natural and physical assets and acknowledges and manages constraints. 

We work with clients seeking a whole-of-organisation response to plan and strategy creation. We use a co-creation approach to strategies and action plans, meaning insights and challenges are heard across teams. 

We draw on and analyse the best available evidence to support action development, with a broadening of roles and responsibilities to ensure executive management and other departments are deeply engaged and empowered. 

We work at the intersection of urban development and sustainability integration. We work with clients to develop sustainability policies, frameworks and tools that are capable of delivering ambitious outcomes, whilst being grounded in commercial reality. 

We consider that a strong understanding of the development context, town planning process and leading edge sustainability practice are essential ingredients to delivering successful outcomes through policy, tool and framework development, ultimately enabling impact at scale. The internal feedback loops with the HV.H Projects business and our aligned built environment partners are critical pillars of our approach. 

We work with clients to undertake sustainability benchmarking and target setting and building level advisory services for needs- based housing providers, with the goal to demonstrate and embed specific sustainability commitments that can be targeted and delivered through new or retrofit projects. 

We work at the portfolio and building level to ensure that community needs and climate resilience are factored into the design and operation of future homes, future-proofing housing portfolios and increasing their attractiveness for investment for institutional investors or government agencies. 


We work with clients to design, implement and evaluate sustainability programs for households, businesses and communities. 

We use our technical expertise, communication skills and extensive networks with suppliers and delivery partners to co-design programs that capture attention and drive climate action and investment at the community level. 

Better Buildings

Effectively integrating environmental, social and economic sustainability into buildings of all sizes requires a considered approach that recognises and effectively works with a project’s drivers and context. Ensuring that  decisions are based on evidence and performance, not ‘rules of thumb’.

As Sustainability Integrators we collaborate with the client and project team to lead decisions around design, performance, materials and systems integration. Our unique understanding of the need to balance commercial aspects of project delivery with performance enables us to tailor solutions that meet multiple objectives and achieve optimal solutions through design, construction and operation.

_Passivhaus Certification

_Passivhaus Design

_WELL Building Standard

_LEED Rating System

_Net Zero Pathways (Construction and Operation)

_Life Cycle Assessments 

_Living Building Challenge

_Green Star Design and As Built

_Green Star for Buildings 

We work with our clients to conduct sustainable opportunities assessments, cost benefit analyses, lifecycle analyses, initial modelling and performance advice, concept reviews and stakeholder engagement.

We work with our clients to conduct stakeholder engagement and sustainability performance reporting.

We work with our clients to provide building system specifications, material procurement support, sustainable design and narratives summaries, final modelling and compliance reports, contract document review, contractor education and sustainability evidence collection and construction support.

We work with our clients to provide user inductions, as-built assessments, building system optimisations and post occupancy reviews.

Clients & Collaborators