HIP V. HYPE provides consulting services that enable best practice action on sustainability for our built environment. Our advice is commercially grounded, yet ambitious. We pursue exceptional outcomes that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.  

Better Cities & Regions

Our Better Cities & Regions Team drive long term change by supporting effective action on climate change, including a transition to a zero carbon and circular economy and the creation of climate resilient precincts and communities.

Our combination of skills, experience, design-led approach and suite of frameworks and tools enables us to provide advice for sustainable precincts, climate strategy and plans, sustainable policy and planning and sustainability program development and evaluation. 

Our experience working for and within Government and the private sector along with drawing on the interdisciplinary expertise of HIP V. HYPE, ensures we are uniquely placed to help our clients and partners deliver on their sustainability ambitions.

Working with local and state governments and a range of other clients and partners, we develop policies, frameworks, tools and guidelines to promote more sustainable development outcomes at all levels of decision making.

Evidence-based guidance is critical for making informed, strategic, long-term decisions informed by the best available science and best practice.

We provide a range of technical advice, including working collaboratively with local government and other clients on evolving sustainability policy through the planning scheme.

  • Built environment tool and framework development
  • Evidence bases for planning policy 
  • Assessment of ESD aspects of planning applications
  • Technical and development feasibility assessment
  • Asset / Portfolio policies and guidelines

Case studies:

Sustainable Subdivisions Framework

Green Infrastructure Assessment Tool

Urban Cooling Economic Analysis 

We work with state and local government, community, developers and other precinct scale stakeholders such as education institutions to develop contextually responsive and highly integrated sustainability solutions for urban renewal, suburban and regional development projects. 

Working at scale, decisions are amplified in their impact, so robust decision making is critical to set up future business and residential communities for success. Our place-based approach to sustainability supports liveable, resilient, and connected communities.

Our precincts work can be delivered either as a standalone project or seamlessly integrated with other disciplines as part of broader precinct planning, design and delivery.

  • Climate response planning
  • Sustainability framework and strategy development
  • Evidence base development for urban renewal and growth area planning
  • Integrated precinct opportunities analysis and planning 
  • Climate adaptation plans
  • Net zero strategy (including Climate Active precincts)
  • Green Star Communities and One Planet certifications


Case studies:

Arden Precinct Climate Response Plan 

Sunshine Priority Precinct Sustainability Opportunities Analysis

Lismore CBD Study

We work with local governments, community groups and organisations to co-create organisation-wide and whole-of-community responses to climate change. 

Drawing on the latest evidence, we seek to deeply understand the local context and environment, the specific risks and opportunities posed by climate change to ensure that the response is aligned with organisational and community priorities. 

Our Strategy work can also be integrated with other municipal strategy development including Community Plans and Health and Wellbeing plans.

  • Climate emergency response strategy and planning
  • Corporate and community zero carbon plans
  • Climate risk assessment and adaptation response planning
  • Sustainability strategy 
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Implementation assistance 

Case studies:

Glen Eira City Council Climate Emergency Strategy

Bayside Climate Emergency Action Plan

Bass Coast Climate Change Action Plan

We work with clients to design, help implement, and evaluate sustainability and climate change programs within their own organisations, as well as programs targeting households, businesses and the broader community. 

Drawing on our technical expertise, research, communication and facilitation skills along with our extensive networks of suppliers and delivery partners, we can provide end-to-end support for programs that capture attention, drive meaningful climate action and attract investment.

  • Program design
  • Program implementation advice and assistance
  • Program evaluation
  • Monitoring and evaluation planning
  • Organisational climate response integration

Better Buildings

Our Better Buildings Team are experts in integrating environmental, social and economic sustainability into buildings of all scales. 

Our advice helps to deliver buildings that are more comfortable, have cleaner, fresher air, cost less to operate and tread lightly on the environment. 

Drawing on the interdisciplinary expertise of HIP V. HYPE, our team of qualified engineers has a unique understanding of balancing the commercial aspects of building design and delivery with performance. No matter the budget, our team will work to improve sustainability throughout the lifecycle of a building — from strategy, through detailed design and planning, construction to operation.

We see sustainability as fundamental to good design. This means ensuring that sustainability is not treated as an ‘add on’ and represents demonstrable value to the project. 

If effectively integrated, sustainability in this context will deliver measures that reduce both upfront and lifecycle costs, improve resource efficiency while increasing amenity, comfort, health and other social sustainability outcomes. 

To achieve these outcomes requires exploration of design solutions to improve the project’s performance through every stage of the design process.

  • Passive and energy-efficient design
  • Water efficiency and WSUD
  • Sustainable management plans
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle plans and strategies
  • Feasibility studies
  • System performance design and briefing
  • PV System optimisation
  • Feedback-loops / post-occ research
  • Embedded networks and EV demand management 

Case studies:

Ferrars & York apartments

LUMA Sunshine North

Davison Collaborative townhouses

Building physicists bring a fundamental understanding of physics to improving the design of building fabrics and surrounding spaces. 

Building physics is a design discipline. We start from the basics, an assessment of the site itself, the local climatic conditions and iteratively analyse for optimal orientation for solar gain and natural ventilation pathways. Our team of qualified engineers work closely with academics and industry researchers to keep in front of leading ideas and adapt these to our projects. 

This added-value offering ensures that clients can have confidence in the solutions proposed for both new and existing buildings.

  • Bioclimatic, site-based opportunities assessments
  • Building energy and emissions modelling
  • Parametric modelling and optimisation
  • Adaptive thermal comfort assessments
  • External comfort modelling
  • Daylight and glare modelling
  • Thermal bridging assessments

As a signatory to Engineers Declare, HIP V. HYPE approach every project through the lens of the climate emergency. We are driven to provide our clients with robust advice on building better, using less carbon in construction and operation.

  • Zero Carbon and Carbon Positive plans
  • Carbon emissions modelling
  • Science-based target plans
  • Climate Active buildings strategy
  • Building resilience plans
  • Embodied and lifecycle carbon assessments
  • Climate change adaptation plans

Case studies:

Nightingale Terrace House LCA

Buildings should be developed with occupant health and wellbeing at the forefront. Our approach is holistic — addressing design, behaviour and operations. The role buildings can play in human health and well-being has never been more evident or more important.

Thanks to an evolving evidence base, we understand more about the relationship between the physical environment and human health than ever before. We know how to create spaces that enhance, rather than hinder, health and wellbeing. We can measure — and then improve – the quality of our air, water and light. We can design environments that fuel our bodies, move us, keep us connected, inspire our best work and facilitate a good night's sleep.

  • International WELL Buildings Standard
  • Healthy buildings strategy
  • Indoor environment studies
  • Thermal comfort assessments
  • Ventilation and air-quality studies
  • Low-toxicity material specification

Certifications can provide robust, independently verified assessments of the buildings we design, build and operate. Our team are qualified in a range of certification frameworks and are highly experienced across a range of building typologies.

  • Passive House: Design and Certifications
  • Green Star Buildings
  • Living Building Challenge: Petal, Core, Zero Carbon
  • LEED Building Ratings
  • NABERS Assessments
  • Climate Active Carbon Neutral
  • BESS Assessments
  • National Construction Code Part J & JV3
  • NatHERS Ratings and Certificate

Case studies:

Asquith Passive House Green Star Homes Pilot

Better Business

Across our built environment, businesses are grappling with how they can address climate change in a meaningful way. Market drivers, risks and issues are unique to each business. Action has to respond to the economic, social and environmental realities of each and every business. 

HIP V. HYPE has sustainability embedded in our DNA. Our deep technical knowledge combined with direct experience delivering exceptional sustainability outcomes across our projects and advice gives us a unique perspective and understanding of what it takes to run a Better Business. 

Our team's breadth and depth of experience has enabled us to develop effective processes to address climate change in a way that delivers maximum value for our customers.

We work with businesses of all sizes to help establish, deliver, and evaluate their sustainability and climate change strategies. 


We can work with your business to establish a clear Sustainability Framework and Action Plan that reflects and builds on the level of ambition, emphasis, opportunities and constraint specific to your business.

We will facilitate meetings and workshops with key staff to build a concise framework and action plan that highlights sustainability opportunities and action.

No matter where your business is up to in their sustainability journey, working with the HIP V. HYPE Better Business team will help you accelerate, amplify, and align your work.

  • Operations: reducing the environmental impact of running your business
  • Culture: embedding sustainability in the business, through your values, your staff, your communications. Talk to the market about how your business is responding to climate change.
  • Projects, Services or Products: identify how your business can (and is) support clients or customers to reduce their own environmental impact.

Case study:

Climate Change Action in Community Health

There are three critical types of risks posed by climate change that every business is likely to face and increasingly having to actively manage: Physical Risks, Liability Risks and Transition Risks.

We can work with you and your leadership team to help understand the risks to your business and how you can start to manage them – before its too late.

Not every business is big enough to bring a sustainability expert in house. Engaging HIP V. HYPE provides access to a team of experts who can provide a wide range of support to your business to ensure that your Action Plan is specific, relevant and stays on track. 

  • Monitor the market for innovation
  • Upskill your team
  • Set up reporting frameworks
  • Design programs or new services
  • Offer regular, ongoing support over the phone or via email

HIP V. HYPE can support your business to achieve Carbon Neutral Climate Active Certification.

  • Understand the carbon footprint of your business
  • Find ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Purchase high quality, values aligned carbon credits to offset the remainder
  • Attain verification through an independent auditor
  • Submit to Climate Active for certification and licensing

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