The Green Infrastructure Assessment Tool is an intuitive web-based tool that will assist the City of Melbourne to benchmark building scale green infrastructure at the planning stage.

The Tool was developed as a collaboration led by HIP V. HYPE in partnership with Little Sketches and the Thrive Research Hub. 


City of Melbourne




Melbourne, VIC


Little Sketches
Thrive Research Hub


Through its Green our City Action Plan, City of Melbourne is investigating opportunities to improve greening outcomes as part of the development process.

The Plan recognises that private land as well as the public realm is critical for reducing urban heat and improving biodiversity as well as delivering a range of other community benefits.

The development of the Green Infrastructure Assessment Tool responds to the need to benchmark green infrastructure at the lot level, but in a way that allows developers and designers flexibility in the way greening is delivered. 

The Green Infrastructure Assessment Tool was developed as a collaboration led by HV.H in partnership with Little Sketches and the Thrive Research Hub. The team undertook:

  • Assessment of the best available scientific evidence to relate the value of green infrastructure elements to a range of ecosystem services, including biodiversity, urban heat reduction and place value 
  • Engagement with existing tool owners (including CASBE and GBCA) and users to understand potential integration opportunities and maximise the user experience 
  • Development of a web based user interface and testing of the Tool with our networks of industry professionals to maximise relevance and usability

The Tool is currently in pilot phase and continues to be tested and refined ahead of a broader voluntary release which is anticipated for early 2020. 

The tool may transition to a regulatory tool in the future and is being investigated for use in other municipalities in Victoria and beyond.

If you would like to test the tool for your project or understand more about it please contact HV.H at 


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