The award-winning project in Alexandria, Sydney, maximises the benefits of passive design, material reuse and biophilic design to improve occupant comfort and wellbeing. Caroma on Collins embodies Caroma’s commitment to sustainable water use in an immersive environment that redefines the traditional showroom.




Sustainability Integration


Sydney, NSW




Katherine Lu


Designed by Archier with the support of HIP V. HYPE Sustainability, HIP V. HYPE Sustainability led the evidence-based approach to inform design decisions and set ambitious objectives for the project.

The project set ambitious targets that influenced decisions made throughout the design and construction process:

  • Significantly reduce water use by mimicking natural hydrological systems
  • Create a biophilic indoor environment though interior landscaping, maximising daylight and natural ventilation
  • Reduce material impact through re-use of existing materials
  • Prioritise passive design to maintain comfortable internal temperatures all year-round while reducing environmental impact

The use of natural lighting is expected to maximise plant productivity and create an inviting, healthy and productive space for employees and customers. With efficient fixtures and fittings and the use of water tanks, an 85% reduction in potable water use is expected, which will result to saving 320,000L of water annually.


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