HIP V. HYPE is an ethical, socially conscious and environmentally focused property developer, sustainability consulting practice and work share provider.

We collaborate to resolve more environmentally sustainable, more socially responsible and more commercially intuitive solutions for a better built environment.

Our aim is to influence and to build the safe, sustainable, inspiring future we deserve.

Our responsibility is to leave our cities and regions in a better condition than we found them.

Because we deserve better.

Who We Work With

We seek to work with people and organisations who value sustainability and recognise the need for positive change.

Continuity and Authenticity is everything: say what you mean and mean what you say.
We don’t want to be interesting, we want to be good.
We seek work that is meaningful, evidence-based and challenges the status quo –
“It’s more fun being a pirate than joining the navy”.
We acknowledge effort, share success and act with compassion: We collaborate, we don’t compete.
We question everything and always seek to understand - WHY.
We don’t believe the Hype.
We always seek to be better and to do better.
And importantly, we take our work seriously, not ourselves...!

In delivering our product, we attempt to find a balance between value for money, quality and durability and importantly low impact, responsibly sourced materials with low embodied energy & carbon and a low ecological footprint.

Because we deserve better.

Liam Wallis

HIP V. HYPE Founder
Liam Wallis

Founder of HIP V. HYPE and Managing Director of HIP V. HYPE Projects,
Liam is a creative entrepreneur who believes in the power of design
thinking to resolve intuitive solutions to project delivery and value creation. He is passionate about cities and is driven by a desire to achieve better
outcomes. Since establishing HIP V. HYPE in 2002, Liam has refined a design led approach to business that seeks to shape and enhance the social, environmental and economic fabric of our cities through informed, responsive and collaborative design and development solutions.

Liam Wallis founded HIP V. HYPE whilst studying Architecture + Property & Construction at the University of Melbourne. The business became a lens through which he began to explore the relationship between design, sustainability and commercial value.

Taking a less conventional route, Liam worked for the likes of Six Degrees Architects and Casandra Fehey Architects, not in the office, but on site with tools in hand. The experience and relationships formed with passionate trades was a strong compliment to theoretical study, and provided the practical understanding of the intersection between design & construction that has assisted HIP V. HYPE deliver numerous construction projects of notable design.

Whilst studying Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Liam took a course under the world renowned Urban Planner and Architect, Jan Gehl. This learning and time in Europe combined with study in Japan has come to shape the fundamental approach and ideas of HIP V. HYPE. Whilst maintaining a passion for Architecture and design, Liam saw an opportunity to move into development as a tool to more effectively implement strong ideas regarding the importance of great design.

Over a 10-year period working with renowned Melbourne developers including Red.C, Michael Yates & Co, John Gibson, Hamton and Kalex, Liam has gained a strong understanding of the professional property development process and how design and a considered approach can be used as a tool to mitigate risk and achieve elevated outcomes. In addition to Development Management work, Liam has maintained continued involvement in Architectural, Town Planning, Construction, Business Strategy and Branding activity which has lead to the growth of a dynamic, integrated skill set focused on maximising both commercial value and cultural capital.

Away from the office, Liam finds active pursuit the most effective form of relaxation and inspiration. Liam has a background as an elite level sprint hurdler having won the Pan Pacific Games in the 110m hurdles at age 18. Through his twenties Liam skied professionally as a freeski athlete and later ran the freestyle skiing program known as Team Buller with good mates Andrew Pattison and Peter McNeil. The program has successfully provided a pathway for multiple World Cup, World Championship, X-Games and Olympic medal winning athletes.

These days you’ll find Liam and his partner Katya out on their bikes in
the bush or on their boards in the surf chasing connection to nature and continuing to push their limits; finding inspiration to progress HIP V. HYPE to achieve its aim of influencing and building the safe, sustainable and inspirational future city we deserve.

+61 (0) 409 233 677

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Planning & Design (Architecture), University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Property, University of Melbourne
Diploma of Modern Languages (Japanese), University of Melbourne

Katya Crema

Director of Projects
Katya Crema

Director of Projects at HIP V. HYPE Projects and Head of Sales, Katya enjoys working with people. Building genuine relationships and taking people on a shared journey from first introduction through to handing over the keys to a new home is what she enjoys most. Having studied Architecture and Property at the University of Melbourne, Katya understands the benefits of good design and is committed to working with customers to create exceptional homes in each HIP V. HYPE project.

Katya is a third-generation member of the 65-year-old Crema property and construction family business. Whilst concrete is in her blood, she is focused on exploring more sustainable and innovative construction methods moving forward. Formerly an Associate Director at Crema Group – Development & Sales Manager, Katya has worked across a number of significant multi- residential projects. During her time at Crema, Katya founded Gallery in The Sky, an initiative that uses high profile high-rise construction sites as a platform to showcase and support Australian artistic talent and their selected charity.

More recently, Katya was a member of PwC’s Real Estate Advisory team where she worked with a range of major clients and stakeholders including State and Commonwealth Government.

Actively supporting women in the Property and Construction industry, Katya co-founded the Women of Architecture, Building & Planning (ABP) in 2016, a women’s networking group supported by the University of Melbourne, designed to support females in the industry through multiple networking events held annually.

Before beginning her career in the built environment, Katya spent 10 years as a professional athlete on the Australian National Ski Team, and represented Australia twice at the Winter Olympics in Ski Cross (Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014). Her career in elite sport has instilled a commitment to perseverance, which continues to define the way she approaches her work. Despite the change in pace, Katya continues to pursue her thirst for experiences that challenge her physically and mentally; from the peaks of Mount Hotham’s ski slopes to the valleys of Tasmania’s mountain bike trails.

Outside of property, Katya now uses her experience and profile as an elite athlete to encourage young girls and women to stay involved in sport throughout life. Katya continues to make time to contribute her expertise to the sporting community as an active board member of the Victorian Olympic Council, and an Ambassador for womens cycling with Rapha and Liv.

+61 (0) 400 880 204

Formal Qualifications

Master of Property, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Environments (Architecture Major), University of Melbourne
Licenced Estate Agent

Sara van der Meer

Head of Operations
Sara van der Meer

Working as Head of Operations and a Senior Consultant with HIP V. HYPE Sustainability, Sara’s perspective is shaped by her experience working across business, civil society and local government. Sara has clear understanding of the tensions that exist between the three sectors and the importance of cross-sector partnerships in dealing with the major social, economic and environmental challenges. Sara has an eye for detail and an understanding of what it takes to run a business smoothly and effectively. Using her organisational aptitude to improve processes and practices Sara works across the Pillars to ensure that each is operating as efficiently as possible. 

Growing up in Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania, Sara was exposed to extreme poverty from an early age. Witnessing the destruction of beautiful and vital natural habitats, she is acutely aware of the complexity that exists between economic development and environmental stewardship. These early experiences shaped her world view and continue to drive Sara to pursue business with a focus on a balanced view between people, planet and profit. 

Having graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a Masters in Global Business and Stakeholder Management, Sara moved to Australia from the Netherlands. Gaining extensive experience in hospitality managing several businesses over the years, Sara is intimately acquainted with both the day-to- day operations of business, whilst maintaining a strategic overview. 

Sara actively volunteers with Geelong Sustainability, a community group focused on informing, inspiring and connecting communities to protect and regenerate the natural environment. As treasurer on the committee she brings her experience in business management. Sara brings a fresh perspective to the committee and lowers the average age by quite a few years. 

When not in the studio, Sara enjoys catching waves down on the surf coast, camping away from the crowds and exploring the trails and cities of the beautiful country she now calls home. Although Sara is spending much of her free-time renovating an old 1910 weatherboard home, attempting to create a home that will stand the test of time and continue to be liveable as the climate changes. 

+61 (0) 402 664 182


Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of International Business, Erasmus University
Master of Global Business & Stakeholder Management, Erasmus University

Laura Phillips

Head of Editorial & Urban Advocacy
Laura Phillips

Laura is a passionate advocate for the sustainable growth of Australian cities. Laura focuses on the intersection of policy, investment and design to campaign for progressive developments in planning, housing and transport.

Having grown up in Melbourne, the UK and Darwin, and as an adult living in Paris, Sweden and Hong Kong, Laura has a deep appreciation for the role that apartment living can play in creating socially and environmentally sustainable cities.

Laura sees advocacy as a critical tool to actively engage the community in long term discussions about the future of our cities and shift the national conversation towards sustainable patterns of urbanism.

Laura has over seven years experience in the property and legal industries, working across ASX listed property companies, triple-bottom line property development and most recently working with PwC Legal on major transport infrastructure, renewable energy projects and corporate matters.

Laura edited the print and online publication, Open Journal, and founded and produced the High Density Happiness speaker series.

Laura also founded, edited and published Mr. Wolf Magazine when she was 21 years old whilst studying at Lund University in Sweden. Mr. Wolf Magazine was a journal of Nordic design that was stocked in over 25 countries with speciality retailers including the Tate Modern in London, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and Do You Read Me in Berlin.

Laura is an active volunteer, serving on the Building Council of Open House Melbourne and acting as a volunteer lawyer with the Environmental Defenders Office and the Fitzroy Legal Service.

In her spare time Laura is a cyclist, a keen traveller and architecture fan.

+61 (0) 421 862 838

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne
Juris Doctor, RMIT University
Admitted to Legal Practice in the Supreme Court of Victoria

Kate Nicolazzo

General Manager, Sustainability
Kate Nicolazzo

Kate has built her career working with organisations that have a strong vision, ambition to drive change and improve health, social and environmental outcomes. As General Manager of the Sustainability team, Kate specialises in building strategy, teams and organisational capability to deliver.

The past 15 years have seen Kate work across the community and private sectors in a variety of roles focused on health, climate change and sustainability (with a few breaks for maternity leave). Kate was the CEO of the Yarra Energy Foundation, she led the Sustainability and Innovation team at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, facilitated and mentored with the amazing Fellowship program at the Centre for Sustainability Leadership and has spent time managing her own consulting business – specialising in planning and development for organisations and individuals achieving great social and environmental goals.

In 2016 Kate joined the Australian Energy Foundation (formerly the Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd) to manage the consumer facing Positive Charge program. She loved leading the team of passionate and dedicated energy experts and expanded the Victorian program (and the team) into NSW. Kate then moved on to head up strategy and business development for the Australian Energy Foundation, setting the foundations for national expansion, developing partnerships and delivering work across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Kate has three young boys and a strong sense of social justice she inherited from her parents. She wants everyone to grow up and grow old in a safe and just world. She is not planning on waiting around for other people to fix the climate emergency. As a Climate Reality Leader, she uses her knowledge and experience to help organisations and individuals build good strategy, effecting positive social change. Wherever possible Kate is finding ways to collaborate with empathetic and authentic leaders to develop the plans and partnerships that will deliver big, crazy ideas that can make a real difference.

+61 (0) 438 030 112

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Health Science (First Class Honours), La Trobe University

Gavin Ashley

Better Cities & Regions Lead
Gavin Ashley

Gavin brings 14 years of experience in urban development and sustainability across the private, non-profit and public sectors. He sees sustainability as the product of technical rigour, early integration and good communication. Gavin is passionate about working with clients and partners that embed principles of sustainability at the outset, where they can have the most impact and are commercially justifiable. He also acutely understands that the key to this is the clear communication of robust evidence. 

Gavin grew up in country Western Australia, which embedded in him an appreciation for the natural environment and community. He started his tertiary education in Geography and Politics, where he gained an understanding of how spatial planning can drive sustainable change for cities and towns. Following a stint overseas Gavin went on to complete a Masters of Environment and Planning at RMIT. During this time, he worked as a town planner for Tract Consultants and gained an appreciation for the commercial imperatives of the development industry including reputation, managing cost and time. This period provided a strong background in strategic planning and refined his thinking about what makes places work for people and the environment, and in particular how the planning process can be used to drive sustainability outcomes. 

Sustainability quickly became the major driver for Gavin’s work. Gavin joined Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL), where he combined his experience in planning and urban development with his passion for sustainability, working with a variety of local governments and communities. Gavin went on to lead the consulting practice at MEFL for four years, delivering a wide variety of sustainable urban development and energy strategy work including community energy transition for regional communities and climate resilience outcomes for social housing. Working with regional communities and vulnerable households was an important part of the work, often forgotten but hugely important in developing social capital as an important driver in building resilient communities. 

Gavin is keenly interested in how climate change responses can be better shared and delivered beyond sustainability practitioners. 

As Better Cities & Regions Lead, Gavin focuses on supporting sustainable urban renewal and community outcomes using both planning and non- planning delivery mechanisms. 

Outside of work Gavin enjoys a brief escape from the city to reconnect with nature and his family camping in the bush. Gavin spends time building community gardens, running social sports and arranging other events – the planner in him just can’t resist the temptation to organise space and activity in the pursuit of community! 

+61 (0) 405 324 167

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Geography & Politics, University of Western Australia
Master of Environment & Planning, RMIT University
One Planet Integrator - Bioregional Australia

Clare Parry

Better Buildings Lead
Clare Parry

As Better Buildings Lead with HIP V. HYPE, Clare seeks to provide advice on improving health, comfort and efficiency outcomes for our built environment. Clare believes that our buildings should serve us without detracting from the living systems we are a part of, and she seeks to harness opportunities and consider constraints to deliver a lower carbon, more systems-integrated outcome. Clare’s favourite part of any project is challenging assumptions about how things ‘should’ be done; habits are hard to break and silos are the norm.

Clare starts by going back to the objectives of a project; there are many pathways for highly varied outcomes. Most projects start in a similar vein – to build something that’s good for people with good economic outcomes. Clare looks beyond the surface and seeks ways to truly improve sustainability outcomes in a way that suits everyone. Clare always chases robust, performance-based outcomes. Ticking boxes on scorecards might be a means to an end but these ratings are tools not outcomes.

Growing up in north-west Tasmania, Clare was always taught to see the beauty and wonder of nature, as well as to never do things by halves. Combine those two with endless curiosity and optimism, Clare is always looking for better ways to do things. Using her work to improve outcomes for people, planet and enhancing prosperity means that is an easy job to do.

With her roots in rural Tasmania, Clare came to Melbourne to study mechanical engineering and business. With a few accreditations under the belt, Clare is continually developing her knowledge across broad areas of interest, which stretch from very micro, technical analysis skills in the physics of buildings performance, to the broad, systems view of sustainability. The best solutions are found by bringing the two together, while taking a collaborative approach to projects.

Clare seeks to work on projects where innovation or new approaches is common, and that means team members and stakeholders have to be open minded and ready to be early adopters. Systems based solutions are everything, and it’s as much about building capacity as assisting with solutions. Coming to a shared solution can sometimes result in a better outcome, and Clare aims to build ideas up rather than break them down.

When not at work Clare enjoys getting out of the city, spending time by the coast, being as active as possible: multi-day treks or rides are her favourite way to escape. On most weekends in the city Clare can be found out and about trying to tire out her endlessly energetic young son and Jack Russell, Ralph.

+61 (0) 403 691 214


Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Business, Swinburne University of Technology
Professional Affiliations:
_Passive House Designer and Building Certifier
_Green Star Accredited Professional
_WELL Accredited Professional
_NABERS Assessor: Carbon Neutral Buildings, Apartments, CBD
_LEED Accredited Professional
_Member, Technical Working Group - Living Futures Institute Australia

Amy Brand

Senior Sustainability Consultant
Amy Brand

A Senior Consultant with HIP V. HYPE Sustainability, Amy is an experienced project designer and manager with a passion for bringing an integrated, human perspective to sustainability.

Amy’s non-linear work life has been driven by her desire to create, collaborate and experiment with inspiring people for impactful environmental and social outcomes. This approach has taken her from one end of the country to the other, and seen her work in the not-for-profit, government and private sectors.

Curious about people, Amy began studying psychology but soon realised she wanted to apply herself to something more tangible. She changed faculties to focus on management and marketing – the human side of business.

Looking to apply her skills where they were most needed, she landed a job at ‘Top End Arts’ travelling across the Northern Territory delivering marketing and business management services to artists and art organisations. Recognising the arts sector was grossly underexposed and locally undervalued, Amy created ‘Off the Leash’, a very Darwin version of Melbourne’s Beat Magazine.

Amy also joined a community collective to open ‘Happy Yess’, Darwin’s only live original music venue which fast became an important hub for music, art and ideas. With both projects flourishing, Amy cycled down the east coast, until the access to leading thinkers and creators tempted her to Melbourne.

Amy joined the Moreland Energy Foundation, eventually taking up a leadership role as the Manager of Communications and Community Engagement. Leveraging behavioural insights and the idea of collective impact she designed, delivered and evaluated a range sustainability programs, including work on the flagship Moreland Solar City program.

Ready for a new challenge, Amy moved to the City of Melbourne to develop their residential sustainability programs, with a focus on apartments. Amy worked to grow a community of apartment owners and managers ready to catalyse solutions to the complex legal, social, cultural and technological challenges that combine to make sustainability in apartments so challenging.

Working in the apartment sector solidified Amy’s long-held opinion that we need to get better at creating high-functioning groups to drive good outcomes, particularly in light of the collective action required for sustainability. Completing studies in group facilitation has fed Amy’s fascination with groups and how we can do better together.

After 10 years in Melbourne, Amy recently moved to South Gippsland to build her tiny home. She stays connected to the HV.H team and clients through a range of online platforms, video conferencing and regular stints in the city. When she’s not on the tools or in the office, Amy can be found doing handstands, nerding out about human behaviour or out amongst the trees. 

+61 (0) 415 282 189

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Business, Charles Darwin University
Advanced Diploma of Group Facilitation, Groupwork Institute of Australia
Certificate IV in Business Sustainability Assessment, Environment Australia

James Toth

Project Management Lead
James Toth

James has worked in the residential construction industry for more than a decade, both on-site and in management based roles. 

Starting out as a carpenter in his early 20's, James moved into a more office based role as an estimator, then into contracts administration before working in project management for several architecturally award winning homes.

James' experience working on multi residential apartment projects has been varied including student accomodation in Burwood and high-end apartment projects South Yarra and Sandringham.  

James believes that buildings should be built to maximise durability. Building products all have a lifespan, most of around 20-30 years, but in reality, a building itself will be in place for a considerable time longer. What happens to these products at the end of their lifespan? James believes that the use of longer lasting materials that can withstand the test of time, and also the test of our changing climate must be applied to all new building. 

James has a focus on the supply chain of building products and materials. Using local products supports local industry and promotes a stronger building character. James believes in designing and building with evolving technology, energy sources and building use as key considerations, not merely building in a way that is easy or considered the norm.

James holds a Domestic Building Unlimited (DBU) Licence and has completed some major renovation and refurbishment projects to Victorian Terraces around the Albert Park and Port Melbourne areas. He particularly loves refurbishing Victorian era properties, reviving the classic architecture and moulding these 'workers cottages' into a modern and functional space to live. 

Growing up around Melbourne's south eastern bayside suburbs, James grew up loving all things water. His passion for the outdoors intensified over the years, travelling to far corners of the world skiing, surfing and wind and kite surfing. These days the challenges of a growing family have slowed, but not stopped his passion for the outdoors. On the weekend you can find James and his active family anywhere from the Surf Coast to Victoria's Alpine region exploring our greater backyard. 

+61 (0) 422 905 897

Formal Qualifications

Domestic Building Unlimited Licence (DBU)
Diploma of Building and Building Surveying, Chisholm

Marcus Strang

Senior Sustainability Consultant
Marcus Strang

Marcus possesses a strong sense of stewardship for the natural environment and living systems, believing that it is wholly possible and indeed necessary for both societies and ecosystems to thrive in harmony. As a Senior Consultant at HIP V. HYPE, Marcus seeks to develop the potential positive impacts in each project that he undertakes. He does this by augmenting the technical capabilities of the Better Buildings team, through his specialisation in ultra-low energy building design, which he sees as a fundamental step for progressing towards net-zero carbon emission buildings and a vibrant society. 

Marcus’ approach when providing sustainability advice and technical analysis is to first start with the client. To understand the client needs and the main sustainability drivers for their project. This relationship- based approach is all about bringing the client and design team along on the journey. 

His early childhood years were spent playing with his brother in suburban gardens with chickens and climbing trees. During university, on a study exchange in Germany, Marcus hitch-hiked extensively around Europe from his temporary base in Munich. A number of experiences during those times, such as; WWOOFing on a farm in Denmark, partaking in a Solar Decathlon competition, assisting in an Earthship construction, and visiting a number of sustainable model districts all helped to shape and catalyse his self-assurance to pursue a future in environmentally sustainable design and assist in producing low impact buildings for future generations. 

Marcus’ expertise, developed through projects at previous consultancies, lies predominantly in providing holistic advice on building systems design. This includes building energy modelling, occupant comfort analysis, passive design optimisation, thermal envelope and fenestration design, and identification and remediation of interstitial and surface moisture risks. Marcus is also a PhD candidate, researching solutions for net-zero energy multi-storey buildings with cross-laminated timber façades located in hot and humid Australian climates. Marcus was drawn to bringing this expertise to HIP V. HYPE due to their strong emphasis on practicing what they preach, by using an evidence-based approach to implement sustainability. An approach that Marcus is also a strong believer in. 

When not at the desk, Marcus enjoys getting far out of the city with camping, hiking, reforestation projects, and bike touring. Over the weekends, you might spot him at a north-side rock-climbing gym or barrelling down a local mountain biking trail. 

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne
Master of Civil Engineering, University of Melbourne
Professional Affiliations:
_Certified Passive House Designer
_Green Star Accredited Professional
_AIRAH Affiliate Member

Louis Manley

Senior Sustainability Consultant
Louis Manley

Louis is a Better Buildings Senior Consultant, specialising in the thermal efficiency and occupant well-being of the built environment. 

Driven by a sense of responsibility to leave the world in a better place than we found it, he is impassioned to push the boundaries of building design closer to a net zero carbon future. Taking a holistic sustainability goal, Louis breaks the process down to achievable steps, allowing 

all stakeholders to see the journey of how to achieve the big picture sustainability targets. He thrives interacting and working with others to achieve sustainable outcomes in all projects. 

Originally from country North-West Victoria, Louis moved to Melbourne to study mechanical engineering. There he found a passion for sustainability, through studying topics on renewable energy. From there he has spent the past 6 years working as a sustainability consultant, providing advice on projects ranging from single dwelling residential homes, all the way to large scale projects, including those in commercial, education, health and accommodation. 

Joining HIP V. HYPE, Louis is utilising the technical knowledge and project management skills learnt in big consultancy to successfully achieve more innovative sustainability outcomes for clients who want more than just the minimum. 

Outside of work, Louis is always on the move. Whether it be rock climbing, surfing, running or snowboarding, his preference is to always be outdoors. 

+61 (0) 402 603 631


Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours), RMIT
Professional Affiliations:
_Green Star Accredited Professional 
NatHERS Assessor 

Nick Chester

Senior Sustainability Consultant
Nick Chester

Nick has pursued work in the field of sustainability because of a desire to balance the preservation of the natural environment with the needs of a growing population. As a Senior Consultant, Nick combines both theoretical understanding and practical experience, aiming to improve outcomes through knowledge-sharing and facilitation.

With a focus on ecology and botany, Nick completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. Following this degree, he then volunteered with organisations including WWF, Oxfam and UN Youth, supporting and coordinating environmental and development focused schools engagement programs and events.

Combining this experience and a passion for environmental sustainability, Nick worked at the City of Monash creating programs and educational resources to support the community in leading more sustainable lifestyles. Nick has also worked across the environmental planning, sustainability and land & biodiversity teams at Hume City Council.

With exposure to the planning system and a growing interest in the built environment, Nick returned to the University of Melbourne to complete a Graduate Diploma in Environment to gain a technical understanding of planning law, sustainable building design and environmental policy. Most recently working as an ESD consultant, Nick has applied theory to practice, assisting clients to improve the sustainability performance of proposed developments and understand ESD requirements during the planning process.

Having pursued a variety of interests both professionally and academically, Nick has developed a broad knowledge base relating to sustainability. With experience ranging from community engagement to policy development to energy modelling, Nick brings a breadth of skills to his work.

From working and volunteering across local government, the private sector and not-for-profit organisations, Nick has been exposed to a range of organisational structures, gaining insight into their unique processes and priorities. Nick aims to use this experience to better facilitate outcomes which involve a diversity of stakeholders.

Feeling most refreshed after time outdoors, Nick loves to explore Victoria’s hiking trails, seeking a change of pace away from the city. Closer to home in Melbourne, Nick can be found running or swimming, settling in with a good book and trying his hand at watercolour painting.

+61(0) 432 075 210

Formal Qualifications

Graduate Diploma in Environment, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne

Shaun Tompkins

Sustainability Consultant
Shaun Tompkins

Shaun is a Consultant with HIP V. HYPE Sustainability who is passionate about elevating sustainable outcomes within the built environment and brings an approach to problem solving that combines critical analysis and curiosity. 

Shaun joined the team as an intern in early 2019 while completing his Master of Urban Planning & Environment at RMIT University. Having received an academic achievement award for his studies and writing his final research paper on the nexus between national emission reduction targets and the strategic policies that deliver residential housing – Shaun now supports the sustainability team to deliver projects that better the built environment and the communities within them. 

Growing up in northern New South Wales, Shaun developed an intrinsic appreciation and respect for the countryside. Working in his family’s landscaping business, Shaun became increasingly interested in the relationship between people and the natural environment. Shaun made the move down to Melbourne to complete a Bachelor of Commerce and began to explore this relationship, questioning the way we organise ourselves in urban environments. Eager to experience different cultures and urban typologies, Shaun then spent a few years in London, Berlin, New York and Himachal Pradesh in India.

Upon returning to Melbourne, Shaun found himself working in logistics and quality control for LaMarzocco. Endeavouring to embed sustainability within the company, Shaun was proactive in redesigning their waste management procedures and developing a partnership with Cultivating Community, diverting coffee grounds and organic waste from landfill.

Growing up in a rural setting and then living in major cities around the world have instilled in Shaun an appreciation of the interconnectedness of biodiversity, social cohesion and the urban form. The pursuit of environmental courses throughout his Masters degree has strengthened Shaun’s focus on mediating this relationship in a pragmatic yet progressive manner in order to shift the status-quo towards truly sustainable outcomes.

Beyond the office, Shaun enjoys all things indoor plants and gardening, and staying active by running and playing basketball with friends. Shaun loves DIY projects, having taught himself how to bulk-roll and process black and white film, he has now moved onto baking sourdough and restoring the odd chair!

+61 (0) 491 166 510

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Commerce (International Business & Management), Deakin University
Master of Environment & Planning, RMIT University

Steve Moller

Green Building Engineer
Steve Moller

As a Green Building Engineer, Steve brings 40 years of technical experience to HIP V. HYPE Sustainability’s Buildings team.

Steve has a deep and practical understanding of passive building design, efficient systems and renewable energy technology. He’s driven by a passion to translate his technical knowledge and extensive experience into practical solutions to improve the buildings in which we live, work and play. This means designing and operating buildings to consume less energy, use less water and generate less waste. Buildings are responsible for 19% of global greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s vital that we design and build buildings that have net zero emissions as well as upgrading our existing building stock.

Steve is an energy specialist with significant experience in energy modelling tools – both in their development and application in commercial buildings. A particular focus for Steve is heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems – how they are designed and what it takes to ensure energy efficient operation in various climates.

At HIP V. HYPE Sustainability, Steve provides technical analysis and sustainability advice to our clients and their project teams. His design approach focusses around four key steps:

_The Site: Understand the challenges and opportunities unique to the site

_Passive Performance: Design a hard-working façade that works with and responds to the local climate

_Efficient Products & Systems: Select the best systems

_Renewable Sources: Include renewable energy and sustainable water systems to address the remaining (reduced) demands

For more than 30 years, Steve has coordinated the implementation of environmental sustainability measures on building projects across the
globe. In addition to his energy efficiency specialisation, Steve has designed mechanical services and conducted energy audits for a range of commercial, institutional, health and educational projects, which has provided him with in- depth knowledge of the implications of energy efficiency measures in building design and operation.

In addition to his leadership within countless projects, Steve has published and presented over 25 technical papers, many with CSIRO. Over the years, Steve has written chapters for books and websites and lectured in university and training courses.

In his spare time Steve enjoys being active in the great outdoors with his family – surfing, sailing, bike riding and bush walking. He also has a creative side via his song-writing duo: The Bowersmiths.

+61 (0) 429 351 850

Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Melbourne Institute of Technology

Jane Matthews

Operations Assistant
Jane Matthews

Whilst working part-time with HIP V. HYPE, Jane is also the co-founder of the Swedish multi-brand clothing store, Swensk. 

Jane has worked across a wide variety of businesses, linked by her enduring interest in good design. 

Jane started her professional life working in Hong Kong for a finance firm, before moving to Sweden for a trainee position in a large engineering company, and then working as a coordinator for a network of architects across Europe.

Jane moved back to Melbourne and co-founded Swensk, based in Melbourne’s CBD, with her now husband Mats in 2008. Swensk is the result of the perfect combination of Mats’ branding and entrepreneurial experience with Jane’s hands-on approach of getting things done. 

Working with Swedish brands was initially a safeguard to ensure quality, a sense of style and confidence in suppliers. Sweden in general has very high standards of environmental responsibility from a consumer level in recycling, to legislation in green building standards and closed loop product development. Jane believes that businesses born from this culture uphold high environmental standards which translates through to manufacturing, working conditions of suppliers and ultimately the products they produce.

Jane grew up in the suburbs of Brisbane with very limited exposure to design, architecture or anything outside of Australia until the age of 15 when her father moved to Hong Kong. Over the following 5 years, she travelled to visit on holidays, and ultimately moved in 2001 after graduating from a Bachelor of Business. 

Between HV.H and running her own business, Jane values the spare moments she has to work in her small garden, making it to a barre class or spending time with her two kids. Jane also values spending time in mother nature on weekends.


Formal Qualifications

Bachelor of Business, Queensland University of Technology