Located in Carlton North overlooking the Capital City Bike Trail, the Park Street Collective is comprised of two interconnected wings doubling as both studio work spaces, design product showrooms and event spaces.

The West Wing, designed by Archier, doubles as a work space for HIP V. HYPE and a showroom for Archier’s bespoke furniture and lighting.

The East Wing, conceived as a project between HIP V. HYPE and Inkster founder, Hugh Altschwager, doubles as a share space for creative types as well as a showroom for Inkster’s bespoke South Australian limestone lighting pieces and other hand crafted products.


330 Park Street, Carlton North VIC 3054

  • 14 full time desks
  • 24/7 access
  • High speed NBN internet
  • Plenty of natural light
  • Large timber windows and doors
  • Heating & cooling
  • Open plan design fostering collaboration
  • Kitchenette
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Individual personal storage
  • Commercial printer / photocopier / scanner
  • Pet-friendly
  • Discounted gym access - Urban Athletic, Brunswick
  • Access to Collective Exchange and social events
  • No cars, but plenty of bikes spaces...!

Kristoffer Paulson

Collective Memberships

  • Dedicated full time desk
  • Storage
  • 24/7 access

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Collaborating with leading local and international product designers & service providers has enabled us to offer Collective Members with an incredibly unique studio experience, encouraging you to get connected, and do your best work each day.

Archier is a Melbourne-based architectural studio who specialise in creating design experiences that contribute to a better quality of life. Park Street's West Wing, designed by Archier, doubles as a showroom for Archier’s bespoke furniture and lighting.

Binq is a local window manufacturer that matches European technology with local innovation and material to deliver highly quality, sustainable window solutions.

Binq continues to invest in R&D on existing and new products to further enhance their performance.

Collective Members enjoy double glazed, European style large lift and slide, and tilt and turn windows.

Inkster represents Hugh Altschwager's deep connection to the materials of his craft. His creative endeavours extend across a range of products, one-off pieces and places which are all handcrafted where possible from locally sourced, unprocessed natural materials.

The Park Street Collective showcases Inkster’s bespoke South Australian limestone lighting pieces and other hand crafted products.

Wood Melbourne was founded by carpenter, builder, tinkerer and inventor Oliver MacLatchy. Wood Melbourne's second line of products, designed and hand crafted in concrete, feature in the Park Street Collective.

Collective Members enjoy a hand crafted concrete basin.

Located in the heart of the bustling Arts & Industry Estate in Byron Bay, Sustainable Valley is more than just coworking, because coworking is more than just serviced offices. Sustainable Valley believes that coworking comes from an idea of sharing a space which leads to working collaboratively. Sustainable Valley is a co-working space, business incubator and accelerator with an integrated creative agency.

Collective Members enjoy reciprocal rights to hang and work in Byron (Terms & Conditions).

Urban Athletic is committed to making exercise fun, flexible and inclusive. The gym has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and a highly qualified team to ensure that everyone who walks through the door feels welcome and empowered.

Collective Members enjoy discounted memberships to this inviting gym. Terms & Conditions.

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